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Flavors of Ecuador was founded by three sisters, who were brought together by their fathers love for agriculture. Flavors of Ecuador name came after tasting a variety of flavors of Fine Cacao, Arabica Coffee and Tea. Ecuador has a variety of ecosystems that include; Amazon Region, Highlands, Coast & Galapagos Islands.  The coffee in Ecuador is grown and harvest throughout the region, consequently Ecuador is one of the few countries that grows and exports all the varieties of coffee: Arabica Natural, Arabica Washed and Robusta.
Ecuador is known as “The Land of Cacao” because the Cacao culture in Ecuador is deep-rooted, considering the Cacao originated in the South of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. In recent years Archeologists have discovered graves with the remains of food offerings, including containers with remnants of cocoa in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region dating back to more than 5,000 years ago. This is some of the oldest evidence of chocolate consumption.
Ecuadorian Cacao is recognized worldwide for its diversity in flavor and aroma. Ecuador produces more than 60% of the world’s highest quality cacao beans. We believe the “Cacao” should be our national treasure.
When we think of Ecuador we think as the home for the world’s Finest Cacao, Coffee beans & Roses of course!

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